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July 23, 2013
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Alliance Space Battle Drone WIP_02 by darth-biomech Alliance Space Battle Drone WIP_02 by darth-biomech
Due being part of my PERSONAL project, this deviation works under different rules from the rest of my gallery:

WIP of unmanned semi-autonomous drone that Alliance, raharrs specifically, use in most space battles. Usually special carrier ships spit out these things in dozens and they swarm enemy. Basically, it is just a cannon with simple AI core and engines attached to it. Typically they are mounted with 3 laser emitters and 3 plasma cannons for close range combat, but modifications are possible. Their range of attack isn't very big for spacecraft - 200000-300000 km is maximum, but usually you don't need to fly further.
These drones can fight by themselves, attack targets and evade enemy fire. But they require command station with operator or operators, who assign targets and handle things that simple AI cannot, like strategy of attack. Due being unmanned, these things are scarily agile and fast, designed to withstand accelerations up to 50G.
But, as they fast and agile, they also quite predictable and fragile, so single manned fighter still does job better than small squad of drones. But drones are relatively cheap (for sure cheaper than training and sustaining a single pilot, not counting a ship for him), so you can afford lots of them, and not worry about causalities. Typical "zerg rush" strategy is applied in most cases, and usually less than 20% of drones survive that battle, if any.

There was attempts to give drones more sophisticated AI, but increased calculation quantities lowered their reaction timing too low for their capabilities. Things just wasn't thinking as fast as they flied.

TBD: Block out central reactor, rest of weaponry, AI core, main engines and couple another major parts. Then add details. Then texturing.

As usual, this WIP will be updated, and after being finishing moved into "scraps".

Upd: Continue to block out things. Engines and central body.

Upd2: So many work, scarcely has any time on my own projects... Started modelling carrier for that thing. Is 465 m in length (well, height, actually, I just fucken with ur mind))) and carries 524 drones on active duty (plus some number, probably dozen or two, stored in cargo bay as reserve units). These ships can manipulate up to three times more drones than they can carry, in case that some of them will be destroyed in battle, but usually each ship controls only their own drone flocks.

Upd3: I set carrier aside for a while, I'll rather focus on drone itself first... Trying out a variant of design.
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poisonDragongirl13 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2015  Student Artist
for a second i thought it was a space ship, but no. good that i read the title x3
Chofni1996 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2013
The Model is looking good so far.Excellent background story.every feature is well explained.Great work.Small critique on the thrusters.They kind of are uneven.most of the time they are usually close to each other.Like this for example.…

That is the only thing.Overall nice work so far.Great clean hard surface modeling.cheers
darth-biomech Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Yeah, I don't very like them at all. I think I completely redo that part, besides your point, they look too much like those primitive liquid fuel rocket thrusters)
Chofni1996 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2013
If you feel like that about it ,then you should redo until you like it haha.cheers
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